Data Handling in Agile Teams !!

The software should not be the weakest link in the chain.

Welcome to the JACAMAR project!

What is the state of Efficiency in your everyday office life?

Of course you have efficient database systems
for your stable standard processes.

How many Excel lists do you have in parallel
to work around defictes in those systems
or for the classic flexible Excel cases?

Putting data files into a common storage space does not automatically mean that data know each other.

How much time do you or your operational experts
spend (waste) to synchronise data between lists?

Watch the video to see the real life !

Satisfied with Excel or Alternatives ?

Excel is a geniously flexible tool.

but with multiple users it gets complicated.

Because the system is so open, flexibility can quickly become a cuckoo’s egg.
Agreements between users on format and filtering do not fly in everyday work..
Whenever another user saves, the file looks different.
Macros or extensive formula can become a nightmare.

“Low-Code”-Apps for quick solutions

A certain business process is already pre-programmed and can be adapted to a certain extent.

If it fits, this is a quick solution for simple cases.

Additional functions, however, are usually difficult to achieve.

Yeah, we would certainly like to use something like a database:
  • Better traceability of changes
  • Better filtering and evaluation possibilities
  • Specific views of the same data per use case
  • More process reliability (e.g. write permissions)
But there are big hurdles:
  • Our applications are too fast-moving (too “agile”).
  • A system has to be programmed. That takes time and costs money.
  • There is too much installation effort around it. No one wants to approve and maintain that.

Database functionality for Excel Users Everyday Processes Everyone !!

If you are still with us, here comes the idea of JACAMAR.

Data handling consistently conceived from the user's perspective .

The Idea: Bring IT closer to the people again.

The so-called “Virtual World” is a representation of the real world.
Thus, real people (often referred as “users” by IT specialists) should be able
to map their real processes in the virtual world directly and in real time
without having to go through large loops of external programming and approval processes.

A Database And User Interface
Combined In One System !

Extending Excel flexibility with multi-user workflow.
- change history and task specific permissions -

Defined by the users themselves !

Company’s Agility and Innovative Strength should come first.

In conjunction with the current buzzword Digitalisation, it is often suggested that novel solutions envisioned by IT theorists could automatically lead to higher productivity. Therefore, they should be worth every penny.
As a consequence, internal company processes would have to be adapted to the software and, preferably, used in exactly the same way in every company in the world.

We instead believe

  • Software should never dictate processes, but should support the company’s vision and its exclusive competitiveness in the best possible way.
  • Software should provide functionalities, but the configuration of business processes should be left to the users as much as possible.
  • Adjustments to data structures should not cost extra money each time again. Otherwise it blocks innovation.

This is, why we want to go this new way of consideration with you.

Power To The People !

Enabling users to participate, define and maintain
their own workflow and business processes.

...with an independent user-friendly system.

Optimise Data Handling !

Supporting cross-functional teams
by organising and displaying their data
simply and cost-effectively.

Reducing complexity and replacing
overwhelming Excel tables with
a self-sufficient solution.
JACAMAR is an idea and an ongoing process.

It is said of Walt Disney that he sat back several times in his life and asked himself whether what he was doing was really helping people. He then radically turned around and started all over again.


So this project also began out of  a frustration. Once again, a painstakingly created database project had vanished into thin air because the world had moved on faster than expected and it simply could no longer meet the needs of the users.

New beginning

As an IT consultant, you can certainly continue to earn your “daily bread” with such projects,
but the yearning for a breakthrough into a new quality remains.

With JACAMAR we have developed a quite stable and reliable solution already and rolled it out successfully.
But this journey is far from being finished.
Feel invited to use it in your projects and (as well as a final user community or as IT consultant or programmer) contribute with more ideas on how to make the daily work with data even more efficient.

We are open to new partnerships.

Let's Continue the Jacamar Journey Together !!