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JACAMAR® – Application Templates

Nobody wants to keep re-inventing the wheel, and hence we and our partners offer JACAMAR application templates. With a template you will receive a “framework” for your individual solution or a solution to approach your individual problem.

Wine Supply - a simple merchandise management system in the wine industry.

Manage products, customers and orders in a wine provider sales system.

A checklist and itiniery to share with your travel companions - Ideal for the planning and preparation.

Items to pack and other things (e.g. Leave a house key with a neighbour?), collate and organise your things to do in different checklists: city tours, beach days, walking expeditions, cycle tours. Create your list of items to bring and calculate the weight.

Manage a Holiday Checklist and List of Responsibilities together with your travellers and friends.

Lead Management – a customer database (CRM).

Manage business contacts, events and memos in one CRM application.