Taking Everyday Excel To New Levels !!

Starting a new project...

collecting and compiling the required data and trying to structure it…

Excel is
the First Choice !

But as the data continues to grow...

it is often useful to define certain rules and have additional functionality so that cooperation and related lists can be handled in a productive fashion.

The goal

keeping the familiar and good parts of spreadsheet software while introducing the extra bits that would make life easier…

The Wish List
'nice to have' !

Everyone loves EXCEL.

  • I am absolutely flexible. The software does not impose any constraints on me.
  • I can get started right away, although at the beginning I don’t even know what my list should look like properly.
  • I define the columns for myself, just the way I want them.
  • If I notice that the first shot was not optimal, I simply change it without having to ask anyone for support.
  • The sorting and filtering functions are so easy to use.
  • I can work with colours or fonts as I like to make important things stand out more clearly.

Everybody hates EXCEL.

  • Whenever I want to access a list, someone else has already opened it.
  • Every morning the list is formatted differently than I need it. My columns are hidden or shifted. It always takes me 10 minutes to put everything back in place.
  • I need to combine data from several lists. Actually, we had agreed on a uniform column arrangement so that I can simply copy, but nobody keeps to the agreements.
  • My list file is getting bigger and bigger because I copy texts in each line again so that I can categorise and filter.
  • I have many individual lists that are unfortunately not up to date because I do not find the time to update them.
  • I’m waiting for information from my colleagues, but they won’t release it until their list is complete and perfect.
  • My colleagues demand that I include data in my list for which I am not responsible. – Just so that they can work better, they force me to do administrative work and I don’t get to do my actual tasks.