The Desktop Database !!

Bringing Database functionality to Excel Users Everyday Processes Everyone !!

What JACAMAR is...

JACAMAR is an easy to install and easy to use system that brings database functionality to excel users and improves flexibility for database administrators, without the need for IT experts, and an ideal tool for Project Managers.
A combined database and user interface that loads and connects the data at startup on each device due to the “inMemory” principle with a common data pool stored in the LAN or Cloud.

Fully scalable for unlimited multi-user access to “live data”, as and when content changes, displayed to each user – with change history and tracking stored and available.

JACAMAR includes an online accessible data model (Meta Model) that can be adapted and extended as the work or project grows at any time, to ensure the tables, data sets and relations are connected and accurate.

Permissions and displays can be easily configured and changed for a specific task or role for any user, down to the specific column property or data value that is to be viewed or changed.

With user-defined terminology, the navigation language is understandable and, simply by grabbing the elements to be displayed, results are displayed immediately without complex SQL calculations.

Another level of user experience is the dynamic bird’s eye view, having complete lists of connected information from different business areas or even divided into several linked tables and using DnD (drag and drop) to add or replace relations between data sets.

JACAMAR also includes an advanced import and merge functionality to bring your external lists together into one place, or for comparing ongoing changes from different sources, notifying you of incoming changes to data or structures, with the benefit of expanding your model when new tables are added.

JACAMAR is a system that addresses the shortcomings of spreadsheet software without incurring the inevitable restrictions, complications and overheads of database management. a nutshell !

An idea at work, out of necessity for a user maintained, self-sufficient system...
...leading to a change in attitudes and bridging a gap that has long existed to address a business need...
...with a philosophy to remove barriers and optimise data handling and work processes among business areas !

JACAMAR - The "Desktop Database" - was born !
Agile methods are also catching on in data management!

With the JACAMAR-software companies can create an agile database which closes the gap between central systems (ERP, PIM, PPM) and spreadsheets. JACAMAR can thereby adapt, without external programming, flexibly to the projects and processes in a company as the software takes in a dynamic project environment for modelling, navigation and processing of the structured data.Small and medium sized enterprises in the mechanical and plant engineering or the automotive industries will benefit through the use of JACAMAR for their part lists, product structures and inventory lists.The data communication between decentralised operating specialist departments is done via a single data pool (repository), which displays records and any changes made to data are “live”. Views can be specially tailored to departments and only the relevant information will appear simplifying the work necessary on large data sets.