The Reasons for Moving to a Database !!

Considering a move from Excel to a database makes sense

Our Excel files are so complex that it would make a lot of sense to move towards a database.

The initial question is why there are so many individual Excel files at all.

or maybe other solutions are unsuitable

Maybe there is no common database at all yet. Maybe a current PLM solution is not sufficient to solve all individual concerns, which make it necessary to work around with Excel downloads. So-called “low-code” solutions restrict users more than they help, because they are often not flexible enough to fully and comprehensively map the user’s issues
The Operational Issues

Tankers and Speedboats

We believe: It will always be necessary to have “tankers” and “speed-boats” for different purposes.

The objective

A solution would be desirable that can be expanded in stages, preferably by the users themselves without the continuous involvement of external IT specialists.

Instead of working directly with the tables