Die Desktop Datenbank !!

Computer support for more complex data structures is highly desirable,
but what is quite often the actual situation:

  • There are thousands of „Apps“ available for a lot of focus areas.
    But very often such solutions tackle only some very specific concerns.
    They burn a concrete business solution into the software, so to speak.
    Unfortunately, this means that this solution can no longer be used for other cases.
  • Unfortunately, this means that such a solution can only be used for other cases to a very limited extent.
    The „hard-coded“ fields or workflows cannot be replaced so easily in a flexible way.
  • What people often do then is to resort to macro languages or other easily accessible auxiliary solutions.
    But these are very difficult to maintain.
    It would be better if another „real“ solution were developed right away.
    But this effort is often not worth it if one approaches it with the familiar traditional means.

The dilemma with customised software (individualisierte Software​)

  • IT doesn’t want to spend money for individualised software – for good reasons
    • zu wenig Anwender
    • meist nur kurze Laufzeit
    • relativ wenige Datensätze
  • -> no business case

Consequences for the users

  • need to continue working with lower level tools like EXCEL.
    • creates more hidden manual work that nobody counts
  • use self made macros
    • which may become a nightmare when too complex or the owner leaves the company.

A tool between Excel and Oracle is needed.