Money or Collaboration

Our licensing model

It is our philosophy to support the Commons initiative, which says that ideas that were created commonly by many individuals should not be used by one party for making money.
A product that doesn’t cost anything is often treated as not having a value.

We still offer a free version for single users. Although we use a lot of Open Source components like Java, JavaFX, we believe that it is a better approach to have an eye over the code and manage it centrally. That does not mean that we want to hide it. Volunteers are welcome to contact us to participate in code improvement.

Test edition

A full content edition for single user test purposes. Once per month a question will come up for registering.

Free single user edition

A full content edition for permanent single user purposes.

The single user can write/read content, configure the repository and also use the Data Merger.
All software updates including new features will be provided automatically.

As the name says, it is intended for single users.
There is no restriction to access one repository by multiple users at the same time, but same as with an office text document, saving changes by one user may override changes of other users.

It is our philosophy not asking for email addresses and spam you with boring advertisements. You can actively sign in to the community and ask questions or get in contact with the support and development team.

Team edition (PRO)

This edition introduces user administration functionality. As expected for a database, users can work in parallel on the same repository and changes of one user will be forwarded to all other user sessions.

We offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with monthly license renewal and also other models for larger periods.

There are different rates for Normal Users (readers, writers) and Administrators, which configure the meta model as well as views.

To use the Data Merger, a special sub license is required.