The IT view v Agile Processes

Agile business processes and adequate software development contradict each other

Software is
– always too late
– always too rigid

IT managers’ fear that ongoing changes will get out of hand

– financially
– organisationally

-> Pro-active response: Take over the lead – no matter what the Business says

–Define “strategic software” to be used (out of the box, cost effective, easy maintainable)

–Users are put off until future versions that will offer the real super solution.

–Restrict activities that are not under IT control (discredited as “Shadow software”)

considerations and requirements....

Keeping it simple !


software must be generic

There are 3 levels of Coding:
– programming language (PL)
– computer systems that use a PL (Oracle)
– Application made out of systems
To achieve flexibility, it is crucial to keep software and business topics separate.
– If business is “hardcoded” in the software, a programmer is needed to extend the model.

IT approaches

required new